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1 ) 4A Spring Preliminary Brackets

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Email Trouble
Posted by Eagle1 on 2/9/17 at 09:26 AM
We had a problem with system emails going out so login details were being delayed. I think we have the issue resolved and all should be well. Sorry about this to those affected, just something that happens when you move to a new system.
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Server Move
Posted by Eagle1 on 12/12/16 at 06:15 PM
Folk I just contracted for a new (to me) server and we will be moving sometime over the holidays. I found a great deal that will let me run this site on a budget for the time being.

I'll put a note once we get closer, there is a prep work to be done.

Meanwhile Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ----- let it snow.

[Edited on 12/12/16 by Eagle1]
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Operator Error
Posted by Eagle1 on 2/6/14 at 10:15 AM
Folks I have lost all posts since early this morning after fat fingering something during routine maintenance. Please repost anything that was removed inadvertently. Sorry
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